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Frequently Asked at The Dancer Movement 

Still have questions for us? Head to our "Contact" page to email our Executive Director directly! 

Do I have to have dance experience to take class? 

Absolutely not! No dance experience is required. Our classes are adapted for all disabilities and for all dance levels. 

Are all your classes truly adaptive for me?

Yes! All of our classes provide adaptive movements and inclusivity for EVERYONE. The beauty of art is there are no wrong answers. So whatever you bring to our classes is correct! If you can't find a class that suits you, we offer (free) Zoom consultations and private lessons. 

What if I am not disabled but an ally of the community?

There are ways you can get involved too! All our welcome in our classes. We also offer master classes on how to teach and be more inclusive in your dance spaces. Interested in hosting or being a part of one? Email us for more information. 

Do your classes cost money? 

While our classes do come at a small financial cost, they are just $15 per session (and cheaper options are available if you buy one of our packages). If you are nervous to try/not sure it's for you, your first class is on us! Just email us. 

Do you offer private classes? 

We offer a range of private and semi-private classes both virtually and in person. You can request more information on our "Classes" tab (scroll to the private classes at the bottom) or email us through the "Contact" page. 

If I'm not taking classes right now, how else can I stay up-to- date/involved? 

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @thedancermovement (linked below), join our mailing list (for weekly specials, info, and deals), or follow us on Youtube @thedancermovement. 

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