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"Dancer movement has given me pure joy, that’s what I feel when I dance!  freedom!"

~James (Adaptive Dance-style Fitness)

"The Dancermovement classes are great as they can be adapted to your physical abilities. The experience is joyous!"

~Wendy (Ballet for All Abilties)

"We love our Saturday morning classes with Sofia. She’s an excellent instructor who creates thoughtful programs set to great music and she always varies the sessions to keep them challenging in all the right ways. We always look forward to getting our weekend started with our Dancer Movement classes!"

~Elaine and Grace (Dance-style Fitness)

"I am glad I discovered your dance classes. They filled me with joy! The format, pacing, and modifications are perfect!"

~Anonymous (Ballet for All Abilities)

"The 3rd Sunday of every month is Fun Dance day and it was Beatle’s Day. Which was a blast."

~Anonymous (Ballet for All Abilities)
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